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Removing bias from the news industry

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BusterAI strive to transform the news industry by removing the human bias from public information.
To do so, we analyze social networks to find and understand fake news intentions, we extract the truth and generate facts with no human intervention.

BusterAI want to offer journalists all the necessary tools to help them rapidly build qualitative articles, studies and free them from the complex and time consuming task of fact checking.

Chain of trust

In Proofs, We Trust

Data & analysis used to generate content will be made accessible and inalienable thanks to our public blockchain


State of the art AIs

Our AI models are built using latest public research and our own private research

Fully automated

Without human bias

The entire process is automated to tend to a truly objective point of view


Stream of news

News are generated as soon as they are posted on social media with little to no delay


Explainable content

Thanks to sources and information on our internal processing, our analysis and created articles are explained


Stored in a Blockchain

Generated news are inserted in a public Blockchain and thus cannot be covertly altered nor deleted


Truthful information is a right and we want to make it easily accessible to everyone.


Mainstream media is (or perceived as being) biased. There are high discrepancies in the articles being reported (and those being left out); the sentence framing (conveyed message) of the articles that are being reported. Some have biases. Some make mistakes. Some have hidden agendas. Many get their stories from the same source. All don’t provide public verifiable proofs to what they report. None are true competitors from one another.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill