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Find truth in the ocean of misinformation

Buster.Ai is the solution for fact-checking content on the internet. Our goal is to empower you by helping you spot false information online.Request a demo

Have you ever…

AvatarBeen guilty of spreading news only based on what you’ve read on a headline?
AvatarAvoided covering a topic due to accuracy uncertainty?
AvatarShared a shocking article out of desire for likes, without being sure of its accuracy?
AvatarDealt with the embarrassment and guilt of sharing an article, only to realize it was fake?

Here’s where Buster.Ai comes in.

We want to help you stay on top of what you read.

Our goal is to equip you with all the tools you need to better understand the content that you encounter on the internet. We help you trace and visualize the way fake news circulate online (and get notified about it in real-time).I want to know more
74 %Fear of Infodemic

74% of people are concerned about the amount of fake news being spread about COVID-19.*

55 %Gauging news veracity55% of people are concerned about their ability to separate what is real and what is fake on the Internet.**Reuters Institute
6xSpeed of Fake NewsOn Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories*.*MIT
2022Future of informationBy 2022, most people in mature economies will consume more false information than true information.**Gartner

Fact-checking that you can trust.

Rigorous fact-checking takes time and effort.
But we have the solution.

Introducing our top-notch solution for verifying information on-the-go.

With just one click, Buster.AI provides a fast and reliable way to help you analyze content in real time.

Buster.Ai, the antivirus of information

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Our partners believe in our project.

We work with partners at the forefront of excellence in their fields. Together with our efforts, they make it possible to take Buster.Ai to the next level.
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Small team.
Big ambitions.

Our team is passionate about technology.

Our goal is to combat misinformation with the help of technology. We aim to turn information into data of public interest that contributes to education and development.
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Some of our past successes include, but are not limited to:

Finalist of the 2020 Start-up Award

2Les Assises

Jury’s Favorite Prize 2020


Winner of the 2020 News Agency Challenge


Finalist of the 2019 Start-up Award

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