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Our algorithms assess the credibility of content, from videos to news articles, to your own claim.Request a demo
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We offer 3 products to help you tell the
difference between fact and fiction.

Find out which one is right for you!

Browser Extension

You deserve a safer
news-reading experience.

Real-time insights assistant while you read, watch and create.

checkAnalyze all content on social networks in real-time
checkCompose fact-supported writings in any web editor
checkImprove your productivity instantly with a painless integration
Web Portal

Your tailor-made detailed analysis awaits.

Audit misleading information and multimedia content

checkAuthenticate faces against Deepfake alteration
checkDetect fake AI-generated content
checkVisualize information propagation
checkGet alerts on manipulation attempts
checkImprove your organic indexing with a more truthful and accurate wording

Automate Fact-Checking at scale.

An API to directly and simply query our algorithms.

checkEasily integrate massive data processing
checkIndex your verified information for faster publishing
checkProactively curate content for legal compliance
checkFlag weak signals and threats
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