Our mission

We use technology to counter disinformation

Our team wants to accelerate and facilitate information verification using artificial intelligence.

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Work to speed up and facilitate information verification


A multicultural team from all over the world

Funds raised

In seed to invest in Research and Development

2 years
of existence

And development to offer you the best product

Our team

Our team strives for a more transparent world

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Julien Mardas

CEO & Co-founder

Julien is co-founder and CEO of Buster.Ai. Having worked at Criteo Labs, Société Générale, CGI and SFR, he has been working in the software engineering, AI and blockchain spaces for over 20 years.

Léa Gilles


A graduate of ESSEC, with a sensitivity for media issues and programming, Léa joined Buster.Ai as an intern at its creation in 2019. She evolves there as Product Manager then CPO to build with the team solutions to help professionals verify information.

Aurélien Cluzeau

CTO & Co-Founder

Aurélien has 7 years of experience in data science. He is co-founder and Data Tech Lead at Buster.Ai. You can find him in front of a goban or a chessboard in his spare time.

Mostafa Bouziane

AI Research Engineer

Mostafa is a Research Engineer at Buster.Ai and passionate about artificial intelligence and applied mathematics. He is also a music and travel enthusiast.

Georges Bergossi

R&D Software Engineer

Passionate about technology and the arts and armed with many years of full-stack experience, Georges is on the front lines of the many backend and ops challenges that Buster.Ai offers.

Hugo Perrin

AI Research Engineer

With a double degree in engineering from CentraleSupélec and in computer science from ETH Zürich, Hugo learned to appreciate AI research. His engineering experience gave him the skills to innovate and try new ideas with audacity!

Cedra Al Mahayni

Marketing Manager

Cedra joined Buster.Ai in 2020, where she discovered a real passion for SaaS marketing. Today, she holds a role that combines everything she likes: marketing and product.

Amine Sadeq

AI Research Engineer

Amine graduated from ENS Cachan and CentraleSupélec in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence. He is a research engineer at Buster.Ai. He is a fan of video games and Japanese anime.

Vireya Nhim

Back-end Developer

Vireya is a Back-end Developer at Buster.Ai. He practices triathlon to keep himself in shape (typing on a keyboard doesn't burn enough calories). He fell in love with the Emerald Coast since he moved to Brittany.

Célia Martin


Celia first started as an intern at Buster.Ai and now works there as a computer linguist. Her favorite thing to do when she gets out of the office is to escape by reading a good book.

Patrick Deutschmann

Research Intern

Patrick is a machine learning student from Austria. He is writing his master’s thesis to make fact-checking more accurate and efficient.

Théo Cadoret

Software Engineer

Theo is a software engineer with a particular taste for distributed systems and functional programming. When he's not behind his computer, he can be found at the climbing gym or on a nature trip.

Camille Combes

Product Manager

Passionate about media and information issues, with an interest in tech and entrepreneurship, Camille joined Buster.Ai in July 2021 as an intern and is now working as a Product Manager.

Marwen Chaari

Front-end Developer

Marwen is a software engineer specialized in web development and is a front-end developer at Buster.Ai.

Amine Saboni


With a strong interest in robust AI systems, Amine develops tools at Buster.Ai to bridge the gap between research and production, always in a responsible way.

Kévin Guillet

Deep Learning Intern

Kévin has studied engineering coupled with an experience in robotics exploration laboratory. Interested and curious by nature, he loves to take on challenges and work as a team.

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